Paleo Banana Ice Cream

Das klingt doch mal lecker und flott… wird gleich aufgenommen und ausgetestet…


  • 4-6 fresh or ripe bananas (the riper the sweeter and in my opinon – better!)
  • Coconut Milk (optional – just add enough to get the desired texture)


  • fresh berries
  • toasted coconut
  • honey
  • chopped nuts, etc.


Peel the bananas. Cut into pieces that will fit into your food processor or blender. Freeze the pieces for at least one hour. Place the frozen banana in yo9ur food processor and pulse until ground up. Scrape down the sides. Keep processing until it becomes smooth and creamy. Here is where you can add the coconut milk to get a smoother texture, and to help speed up the process.


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